How to Raise a Pre-Seed Round


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In the entrepreneurial journey, raising a pre-seed round is like cradling a newborn dream. Often, it's the very first chunk of external funding a startup seeks, sourced before "Seed" or "Series A" rounds. Your idea might just be an inkling, a sketch on a napkin, but it's compelling. With a pre-seed round, you're not merely gathering funds; you're coaxing early believers into your corner, those who dare to wager on your embryonic venture. Your goal? Transform mere whispers of potential into concrete, operational reality. Yes, it's about money - but also faith, hope, and hard, tangible ambition.

Key Takeaways:

  • Raising a pre-seed round can accelerate your startup journey.

  • It requires a compelling vision, a robust plan, and the right network.

  • Pre-seed funding can alleviate financial stress, protecting your mental health.

  • Real-world people who showcased their successful pre-seed fundraising.

Why Raise a Pre-Seed Round?

Raising a pre-seed round is akin to playing chess. With the right strategy, a checkmate—in our case, obtaining the crucial early-stage capital—is just a few well-thought-out moves away. It's the financial leap of faith that transforms a business idea from a figment of imagination to reality, carving a path to entrepreneurial success.

“It's not just about the money, but about validating your idea in the real world,” says John Doe, founder of a successful tech startup, echoing the sentiment of many entrepreneurs who have navigated the pre-seed landscape.

Raising a pre-seed round also extends beyond immediate business benefits. A 2022 study in the Journal of Business Venturing Insight reveals that obtaining external funding can significantly reduce the financial stress of founders, leading to better decision-making, and enhanced mental well-being (financial reassurance diminishes our stress levels significantly).

Crafting a Compelling Vision

A startup's first pitch is its lifeblood—charisma on a deck. It's the nucleus of your proposition, reflecting the soul of your business. "Your pitch is your promise to your future investors. Make it count. Make it authentic," advises Karissa Ray, a renowned startup consultant. has a fantastic article outlining the steps to pitching your early-stage startup. Read more about it here

Building a Robust Plan

It's easy to dream. To plot a feasible path toward that dream? Now, that's the Herculean task. Your business plan must include a solid revenue model, a detailed roadmap, and comprehensive market research. Think about it this way: if you were looking for a heart surgeon, wouldn’t you want them to explain how they are going to complete the operation, versus a surgeon who just says “Trust me, I’ve got this”? Pre-seed investors are looking for more than a great idea. They want a clear route to profitability. Pro tip: create a sleek pitch deck to really wow people and show them you are serious. One great resource we found is called, they have some amazing templates you can utilize and show off your ideas and plans. 

Network Your Face Off

Your network is your net worth, particularly true when fundraising. It's not just who you know but who knows you. In this stage of your pre-seed round, venture capitalists, angel investors, and even friends and family can be invaluable allies in raising a pre-seed round. Think outside the box! Go to your niece or nephew’s soccer game, birthday parties, and business conferences - there is opportunity everywhere, you just have to know and believe in your ideas and have a compelling pitch. Another pro tip: utilize Elephants to showcase your idea and invite people to get early access to the product if they invest. Add this goal to your profile and show us your pitch deck!

Triumph Against Odds

Pedro, an Elephants user that shared his experience with us, has a start-up idea to create a basketball that never deflates and is made completely of recycled material. He and his co-founders tirelessly worked to raise a pre-seed round, leveraging every resource they could find, including going to a few universities and speaking with the basketball teams to pique interest. Their strategic approach and relentless hustle eventually paid off, enabling them to raise an impressive $567,050. 

Persistence Makes Perfect

In the marathon of entrepreneurial success, raising a pre-seed round is the first vital sprint. By cultivating a compelling vision, crafting a robust plan, and nurturing the right connections, your startup can gain the initial momentum it needs. The adage, "Fall seven times, stand up eight," is quite fitting here. Raising a pre-seed round can be a roller coaster ride. But remember, every 'no' brings you closer to that golden 'yes'.

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