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So you're thinking nacho table's are nacho thing? Well, think again.

Hosting a nacho table can be a fun and creative way to serve your guests, and it’s easier than you think! With the right ingredients, a few supplies, and a bit of creativity, you can serve up an unforgettable nacho party in no time, that your guest are nacho going to forget (sorry - last one, we promise).

Read on for a complete guide on how to host a nacho table.

Prepare Your Guest List

Preparing your guest list is the most important thing to do. Everything else can come after.

The easiest way to get people excited about an upcoming event is to set a challenge on Elephants, then send invitations out to the people you want to join your Nacho table.

The rules are simple. Everyone hosts their own Nacho Table, and the best Nacho table wins. Using Elephants to track and record your Nacho Tables from everyone's perspective will not only make it easy to judge who the winner is, but will also help you prepare what is sure to be an unforgettable highlight reel of all the lead up, meals and fun you guys have together. What an event! What a challenge!

Selecting the Right Ingredients

When selecting ingredients for your nacho table, it’s important to choose items that will both taste good and look great. Choose chips that are sturdy enough to hold the toppings, such as blue corn or yellow corn tortilla chips. For toppings, consider traditional items such as refried beans, jalapenos, olives, tomatoes, shredded cheese, and salsa. Guacamole, sour cream, and lettuce are also great topping options. You can also consider adding some additional proteins such as shredded chicken or beef to your nacho table.

When it comes to the cheese, you can choose from a variety of options. Cheddar, Monterey Jack, and pepper jack are all popular choices. You can also mix and match different types of cheese to create a unique flavor. Additionally, you can add some heat to your nacho table by adding hot sauce or chili powder. Finally, don’t forget to add some garnishes such as cilantro, diced onions, and lime wedges to give your nachos a finishing touch.

Preparing the Nacho Toppings

Once you have selected your ingredients, it’s time to prepare the nacho toppings. If you’re using cooked proteins such as shredded chicken or beef, be sure to cook them ahead of time and keep them warm until you’re ready to serve. If you’re using raw vegetables, such as tomatoes or lettuce, be sure to chop them up into small pieces so they’re easy to eat on the nachos. If you’re making guacamole or salsa, prepare them ahead of time and keep them in the refrigerator until you’re ready to serve.

When you’re ready to assemble the nachos, lay out the chips on a large plate or platter. Top with the cooked proteins, vegetables, and sauces. If you’re using cheese, sprinkle it over the top and place the plate in the oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese. Once the cheese is melted, remove the plate from the oven and serve the nachos hot. Enjoy!

Assembling the Nacho Table

When it comes time to assemble the nacho table, it’s important to have everything laid out in an organized fashion. Begin by spreading a plastic cloth out onto the table, then follow that with the chips. Leave some space between chips so that toppings don’t get mixed. Then layer the toppings in an appealing way. For example, start with a layer of refried beans followed by a layer of jalapenos, then olives and tomatoes, followed by shredded cheese and salsa. Be sure to leave some open space for additional toppings such as sour cream.

Once the nacho table is assembled, it's time to enjoy! Invite friends and family to join in the fun and let everyone customize their own plate. Offer a variety of toppings and sauces to choose from, such as guacamole, hot sauce, and diced onions. With a little creativity, you can create a delicious and memorable nacho table that everyone will love!

Serving the Nachos

When it comes time to serve the nachos, you’ll want to have all the necessary utensils on hand such as tongs or spoons. You can also provide small plates or napkins for guests to use. To serve the nachos, start by placing a few chips on each plate and top them with your desired toppings. Be sure to let your guests know what toppings are available so they can choose the ones they’d like.

When serving the nachos, it's important to keep the toppings separate from each other. This will help to ensure that each guest can get the toppings they want without having to mix them together. Additionally, you may want to provide a variety of sauces for guests to choose from, such as salsa, guacamole, sour cream, or cheese sauce.

Decorating the Table for a Fun Nacho Party

Adding a few decorations to your nacho table can make your party even more festive. Consider adding a few colorful decorations such as balloons or streamers. You can also add some festive tableware such as plates and napkins in colors that match your decorations. If you’re serving alcoholic beverages, be sure to provide enough cups for everyone.

You can also add some fun centerpieces to the table. Consider using a large bowl of chips as a centerpiece, or a large bowl of salsa. You can also add some fun decorations such as mini sombreros or maracas. Whatever decorations you choose, make sure they match the theme of your party and add to the festive atmosphere.

Cleaning up After the Party

Once the party is over, it’s time to clean up. Be sure to throw away any uneaten food and dispose of any used plates or napkins. If you used balloons or streamers, be sure to take them down and dispose of them properly. Once everything is cleaned up, your nacho table party is officially over!

Don't forget to vacuum or sweep the area around the Nacho Table to make sure all the crumbs and debris are gone. If you used any decorations, be sure to store them away for future use. Finally, make sure to thank your guests for coming and let them know how much you appreciate their presence.

Tips for Hosting a Successful Nacho Table Party

Hosting a successful nacho table party requires some planning and preparation. Be sure to plan ahead and have all the necessary ingredients and supplies on hand before the party starts. Additionally, it’s important to have enough seating for all your guests so that everyone can enjoy their nachos comfortably. Finally, don’t forget to have some fun decorations and tableware on hand to make your party extra festive!

When setting up the nacho table, be sure to arrange the ingredients in an organized and attractive way. This will make it easier for your guests to create their own nacho combinations. Additionally, it’s a good idea to provide a variety of toppings and sauces so that everyone can customize their nachos to their own tastes. Finally, don’t forget to provide some cold drinks and snacks to accompany the nachos!

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